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SRB's Surgical Operations

SRB's Surgical Operations
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ISBN: 9789352702114
Anul publicarii: 2018
Ediția: 2
Pagini: 1438
Categoria: SURGERY


This new edition has been fully revised to provide general surgeons with the latest advances and knowledge in their field.

Beginning with an overview of preoperative preparation, the operation room, principles of incision, and instruments, the following sections discuss surgical techniques for diseases and disorders in different parts of the body including breast diseases, salivary glands, stomach and duodenum, urologic surgeries, and much more.

Each procedure is presented in a step by step approach, explaining the technique, potential complications, and their avoidance.

The comprehensive text of nearly 1500 pages is highly illustrated with more than 3000 clinical photographs, detailed diagrams, and tables.

Key points

  • Fully revised, new edition providing latest advances in general surgery
  • Nearly 1500 pages cover techniques for diseases and disorders throughout the body
  • Highly illustrated with more than 3000 clinical images and tables
  • Previous edition (9789350251218) published in 2014


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