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Stem Cell Therapy Practical Considerations

Stem Cell Therapy
Practical Considerations
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ISBN: 9780128215692
Anul publicarii: 2021
Pagini: 275


Stem cell therapy is a fast-growing field of medicine with remarkable prospects in a broad spectrum of diseases. Stem Cell Therapy: Practical Considerations addresses the biological properties of stem cells, mechanisms of action; as well as actual therapeutic decisions such as cell type, source, dose, manipulation, and route of injection.

After discussing all this data, the book will illustrate how to travel through the idea from abstract question to laboratory experiment, animal experiment and then on to design a clinical trial throughout all its phases. Written for scientists and postgraduate students in the field of stem cell research and therapy. The authors will cover practical therapeutic issues they have long experienced in the field.

  • Provides readers the basics and clinical practice of stem cell therapy
  • Helps to debunk controversies regarding data fabrication in the field
  • Guides the reader through the mechanisms of the regenerative function of stem cells; as well as the therapeutic decisions such as delivery route, delivery timing, cell doses, and follow-up


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