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Stockley's Drug Interactions

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ISBN: 9780857113474
Anul publicarii: 2019
Ediția: 12
Pagini: 2048


Stockley’s Drug Interactions, edited by Claire L Preston, remains the world’s most comprehensive and authoritative international reference book on drug interactions. Based upon thousands of published papers and reports it:

* Covers interactions between therapeutic drugs, proprietary medicines, herbal medicines, foods, drinks, and drugs of abuse
* Contains in-depth yet concise monographs in an easy-to-read format
* Provides comprehensive details of the clinical evidence for the interactions under discussion, an assessment of their clinical importance, and clear guidance on managing the interaction in practice
* Has a brief summary of the interaction in each monograph – perfect for the busy healthcare professional
* Is fully referenced throughout
* Is global in coverage
New in the 12th edition are over 300 new monographs, with reviews and updates for the existing 4500 monographs.


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