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Stroke Rehabilitation, A Function-Based Approach

Stroke Rehabilitation, 
A Function-Based Approach
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Anul publicarii: 2021
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Learn to confidently manage the growing number of stroke rehabilitation clients with Gillen’s Stroke Rehabilitation: A Function-Based Approach 5th Edition. Using a holistic and multidisciplinary approach this unique text remains the only comprehensive evidence-based stroke rehabilitation resource for occupational therapists. This new fifth edition has been extensively updated to include the research trends and best practices in the field. As with previous editions this comprehensive reference uses an application-based method that integrates background medical information samples of functionally based evaluations and current treatment techniques and intervention strategies.

New to this edition

  • NEW! Revised and expanded content keeps you up to date on the latest information in all areas of stroke rehabilitation.
  • NEW! Updated references reflect the changes that have been made in the field.
  • NEW! Assessment Appendix and Pharmacological Appendix
  • UPDATED! Resources for Educators and Students on Evolve

Key Features

  • Case studies challenge you to apply rehabilitation concepts to realistic scenarios.
  • Evidence-based clinical trials and outcome studies clearly outline the basis for stroke interventions.
  • A survivor's perspective is included in one chapter to give you a better understanding of the stroke rehabilitation process from the client point-of-view.
  • Multidisciplinary approach highlights discipline-specific distinctions in stroke rehabilitation among occupation and physical therapists, physicians, and speech-language pathologists.
  • Review questions in each chapter help you assess your understanding of rehabilitation concepts.
  • Key terms and chapter objectives at the beginning of each chapter help you study more efficiently.


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