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Student Workbook for Practice Management for the Dental Team

Student Workbook for Practice Management for the Dental Team
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ISBN: 9780323608282
Anul publicarii: 2020
Ediția: 9
Pagini: 160
Categoria: DENTISTRY


The essential guide to ensuring classroom success and job readiness! Student Workbook for Practice Management for the Dental Team, 9th Edition, offers a wealth of interactive exercises for recall, reinforcement, and application. This indispensable companion gives you application-style, hands-on experience with one of the top software applications used to run modern dental practices. Separated by chapter for easy correlation to the text, the workbook contains chapter summaries and learning outcomes; hundreds of practice questions; critical thinking scenarios with questions; and practical, skills-based assignments. The 9th Edition provides more in-depth information on alternative workforce models, production, insurance, and inventory along with expanded practice exercises to give you real-world practice managing all aspects of the dental office.

Key Features
  • Correlating chapters between the workbook and textbook allow you to follow along every step of the way to ensure comprehension.
  • EagleSoft practice management software and technical support from parent company Patterson Dental provide an easy-to-use simulated office environment.
  • UNIQUE! Original practice exercises give you experience working with the EagleSoft program to better prepare for office life.
  • Large number of review activities including assessment questions and case scenarios help you to apply textbook content to provide solutions to everyday office dilemmas.
  • Detailed step-by-step instructions and screen shots for easy-to-use software experience.
  • Enhanced evolve website with student practice opportunities

New to this Edition
  • NEW! Content includes the latest information on alternative workforce models, dental insurance and reimbursement, production, and inventory planning.
  • NEW! Expanded original Eaglesoft exercises provides you with even more practice.
  • IMPROVED! Web-based access to the latest version of Eaglesoft for an improved user experience


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