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Study Guide for Understanding Pathophysiology

Study Guide for Understanding Pathophysiology
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Anul publicarii: 2021
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Reinforce your understanding of difficult pathophysiology concepts! Corresponding to the chapters from Huether's Understanding Pathophysiology7th Edition, this study guide provides a wide variety of activities and thousands of interactive questions to help you review and master pathophysiology content. This practical workbook guides readers through chapters on normal anatomy and physiology to chapters on body systems and disease. Case scenarios and practice exams help you develop the clinical thinking skills needed to succeed in clinical practice.

Key Features
  • More than 30 case scenarios provide real-world examples of how pathophysiology is used in the clinical setting.
  • More than 2, 500 interactive, engaging activities and questions are provided in a variety of formats.
  • Nearly 70 images from the textbook are used in Explain the Pictures and Draw Your Answers questions to better engage visual learners.
  • Teach These People about Pathophysiology poses questions directly from the patient's point of view.
  • Corresponding chapters make it easy to go back and forth between the workbook and the Understanding Pathophysiology textbook.
  • Answer key allows you to check answers and evaluate your progress.

New to this Edition


  • NEW! UPDATED content reflects the updates to the main text along with changes to the chapter structure.


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