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Successfully Marketing Clinical Trial Results Winning in the Healthcare Business

Successfully Marketing Clinical Trial Results Winning in the Healthcare Business
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In the US alone, pharmaceutical companies spend around $7 billion a year on clinical trials for drugs; all this in a global market where increasing competition and pressure on healthcare financing are both impacting on margins and profitability.

One solution for pharmaceutical companies lies within the clinical trials themselves. If only you can communicate the trial findings to the right people, in the right way, you can benefit from this huge investment and add significant value to your product range and your brand.

Successfully Marketing Clinical Trials Results is a comprehensive guide for every marketing professional faced with the challenge of using marketing to convert scientific data into sales. The book offers you practical knowledge on how to use medical research data to maximise the revenue from your products.

There are sections explaining how to:

• identify your market and devise your strategy;
• develop your content and translate data into a message that has impact;
• use language, layout and illustrations to best effect;
• communicate internally as well as externally;
• make best use of the resources available;
• align your sales force and the external agencies with whom you work;
• lead the people in the project team;
• co-operate with the medical researchers, external experts and the press.

In this book are answers for everything from how to handle class-effect questions to developing a shared brand vocabulary. There are plenty of vivid examples and real-life applications to reinforce the ideas. Cases studies illustrate solutions to problems; checklists and tips will help to implement the suggestions and recommendations.

Günter Umbach has distilled the essence both of 25 years' experience in the healthcare market and of his highly successful seminar series on marketing clinical trials into the professional advice given in this book.

The text is accompanied by a CD ROM containing detailed Powerpoint slides supporting each of the (over 300) techniques that you can use in your marketing team meetings to develop great ideas of your own.

Contents: Introduction; Personal goals and objectives; Analyzing the market and devising a strategy; Developing your content; Winning Attention; Making Best Use of Language; Design: Choosing Style and Layout; Designing diagrams and charts; Devising direct mail that gets good responses; Using images and illustrations; Creating emotional impact; Improving your branding skills; Adapting to a professional role; Becoming more resourceful; Marketing internally; Communicating externally; Maximizing your impact; Mobilizing external support; Developing the project strategy; Implementing the project; Becoming a project leader; Action; Suggested further reading.


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