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Super Simple Anatomy and Physiology Laboratory Manual

Super Simple Anatomy and Physiology Laboratory Manual
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ISBN: 9781516536009
Anul publicarii: 2020
Pagini: 238


Super Simple Anatomy and Physiology Laboratory Manual contains 32 simple, safe, and cost-effective activities designed to improve student insight into body structure and function. Though the lab manual is designed to support the textbook by the same name, it can effectively supplement other foundational textbooks within the discipline.

The activities can be performed in either laboratory or non-laboratory environments. They do not require the use of special reagents or supplies, testing kits or safety equipment. Instead, the manual utilizes sticky easel pads, markers, and crayons, rendering the activities accessible, affordable, and fun. Each activity is self-explanatory and easy to understand, encouraging students to dive right in without lengthy instructor explanations. Additionally, the manual features perforated pages, which tear out easily and can be used as individual pre-lab or lab team worksheets.

The activities in the manual do not necessarily parallel each chapter of the corresponding text, allowing instructors the flexibility to mix and match activities according to their curriculum and personal preferences.

Super Simple Anatomy and Physiology Laboratory Manual is an engaging, interactive resource well suited for foundational courses in anatomy and physiology.


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