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Symptom-Based Approach to Pediatric Neurology

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Anul publicarii: 2023
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Primary health care providers such as pediatricians and family medicine physicians commonly encounter children with neurologic symptoms such as headache, double vision, facial weakness etc. Most books currently available in the specialty of pediatric neurology are “condition” or “disorder” based, and most of them are geared towards pediatric neurologists, not generalists who take care of children. A common thread amongst most currently available books in Pediatric Neurology is that the practitioner already knows what “condition” or “disorder” the child is suffering from. 

This book focuses on symptoms to a large extent. However, children with chronic neurological conditions will follow up with their primary care physicians after their visit with the sub-specialists. They may have questions or ongoing concerns regarding the diagnosis that has been made or being considered. This book attempts to provide information to the primary care physician regarding management and follow up of such children as well. This book serves as a guide for busy clinicians who take care of children presenting with neurological symptoms- with special emphasis on symptoms that are commonly encountered in clinical practice. For each symptom, a brief introduction is given as well as a definition and epidemiologic information for the given symptom. Readers are also instructed on what historical features and physical examinations are essential in narrowing the differential diagnosis. A recommendation on the management of the condition is then established. Instructions on when one should refer the patient to subspecialists for further evaluation and management are clearly laid out. Finally, a list of appropriate resources is provided for families, as well as clinical pearls that can be quickly scanned when one is pressed for time. The overarching goal of this book is to enable the primary care physician to make a confident diagnosis, triage efficiently and initiate treatment if need be. 

Written by experts in the field, Symptom-Based Approach to Pediatric Neurology is a valuable resource for evaluation and management of children presenting with neurologic symptoms for primary care providers who take care of children.


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