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Synaptic Transmission

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Synaptic Transmission is a comprehensive guide to the topic of neurotransmission that provides an in-depth discussion on many aspects of synapse structure and function—a fundamental part of the neuroscience discipline. Chapters include boxes that describe renowned/award-winning researchers and their contributions to the field of synaptic transmission, diseases relevant to the material presented, details of experimental approaches used to study synaptic transmission, and interesting asides that expand on topics covered. This book will inspire students to appreciate how the basic cellular and molecular biology of the synapse can lead to a better understanding of nervous system function and neurological disorders.

  • Provides a comprehensive reference on synaptic structure, physiology, function and neurotransmission
  • Discusses many landmark experiments in the field of synaptic transmission to emphasize core principles
  • Includes references to primary scientific literature, relevant review articles and books, many of which could be assigned as discussion material for courses focused on this topic

Table of Contents

1. Introduction

Part 1: Synaptic Biophysics and Nerve Terminal Structure
2. The formation and Structure of Synapses
3. Basics of Cellular Neurophysiology
4. Ion Channels and Their Role in Generating Action Potentials
5. Electrical Synapses

Part 2: Regulation of Chemical Transmitter Release
6. Function of Chemical Synapses and the Quantal Theory of Transmitter Release
7. Calcium Homeostasis, Calcium Channels, and Transmitter Release
8. Cellular and Molecular Mechanisms of Exocytosis
9. Cellular and Molecular Mechanisms of Endocytosis and Synaptic Vesicle Trafficking

Part 3: Receptors and Signaling
10. Introduction to Receptors
11. Ionotropic Receptors
12. Metabotropic G-protein-coupled Receptors and Their Cytoplasmic Signaling Pathways
13. Synaptic Integration Within Postsynaptic Neurons
14. Synaptic Plasticity

Part 4: Chemical Transmitters
15. Introduction to Chemical Transmitter Systems
16. Acetylcholine
17. Monoamine Transmitters
18. Amino Acid Neurotransmitters
19. Neuropeptide Transmitters
20. Gaseous Neurotransmitters
21. The Use of Multiple Neurotransmitters at Synapses
22. Complex Signaling Within Tripartite Synapses


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