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Textbook of Nephro-Endocrinology

Textbook of Nephro-Endocrinology
ISBN: 9780128032473
Anul publicarii: 2017
Ediția: 2
Pagini: 584
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Textbook of Nephro-Endocrinology, Second Edition, continues to be the definitive translational reference in the field of nephro-endocrinology, investigating both the endocrine functions of the kidneys and how the kidney acts as a target for hormones from other organ systems. It offers researchers and clinicians expert analyses of nephro-endocrine research and translation into the treatment of diseases such as anemia, chronic kidney disease (CKD), rickets, osteoporosis, and hypoparathyroidism.

Changes to this edition include new chapters focused on hypercalcemia/hypocalcemia and the interaction of dialysis, chronic renal disease, and endocrine diseases. All chapters have been updated to include more preclinical data and more tables and schema that help translate this data into clinical recommendations. The section on hormones and renal insufficiency discusses insulin/diabetes, growth hormone, sex steroids, thyroid hormone, acid–base disturbances, and pregnancy.


  • Presents a uniquely comprehensive and cross-disciplinary look at all aspects of nephro-endocrine disorders in one reference
  • Investigates both the endocrine functions of the kidneys and how the kidney acts as a target for hormones from other organ systems
  • Offers clear translational presentations by the top endocrinologists and nephrologists in each specific hormone or functional/systems field
  • Features new and updated chapters that include more tables and schema to help translate preclinical data into clinical recommendations


Table of Contents

PART I: Part 1: The Kidney as an endocrine organ; Section 1: Erythropoietin; Section 2: Vitamin D, PTH and Novel Regulators of Phosphate; Section 3: Renin-angiotensin; Part 2: The Kidney as a Hormonal target; Section 4: Anti-diuretic hormone; Section 5: The Atrial Naturetic Peptides; Section 6: Aldosterone; Section 7: Endocrine Disorders in Renal Failure


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