The Art of Refractive Surgery
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The Art of Refractive Surgery

PRP: 367,50 lei
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Preț: 330,75 lei
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ISBN: 9789388257879
Anul publicarii: 2022
Pagini: 250
Format: hardcover


The Art of Refractive Surgery aims at providing a simplified and step-wise approach to ophthalmologists for planning and performing various refractive surgeries including corneal, lenticular, or combined approaches. Refractive surgery is extremely challenging as suboptimal outcomes are unacceptable. This field has seen huge developments in the recent years with advancements in investigative modalities, better laser delivery systems, wider range of options of refractive surgeries, and improved eye-tracking devices. However, the selection of ideal surgery for every patient remains a challenge and a thorough understanding of basic concepts can aid in decision-making. The Art of Refractive Surgery deals with these basic concepts, and provides certain surgical and planning tips, which have been derived through years of experience.

Key Features:

  • Interactive style of the narrative ideal for refractive surgeons, ophthalmologists, fellows, and residents who wish to update their refractive surgery knowledge
  • Practical examples with individual case-based approach for planning, decision-making and surgical management in a variety of scenarios
  • Extensive review of literature and includes the latest meta-analysis and clinical studies
  • Numerous illustrations and simple language to elucidate complex refractive situations
  • Surgical videos explaining each refractive surgery step-wise for deeper understanding


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