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The Behavioral, Molecular, Pharmacological, and Clinical Basis of the Sleep-Wake Cycle

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ISBN: 9780128164303
Publishing Year: 2019
Pages: 250


The Behavioral, Molecular, Pharmacological, and Clinical Basis of the Sleep-Wake Cycle provides the first comprehensive overview on the molecular methodologies used to examine sleep, and examines the cellular, biochemical, genetic, and therapeutic aspects of the sleep-wake cycle. There have been profound changes in the landscape of approaches to the study of sleep – mainly in the areas of molecular biology and molecular techniques. With this great focus on using multidisciplinary molecular methods, chapters address significant advances in molecular mechanisms underlying sleep, and the techniques researchers use to study this phenomenon. Written by world-leading experts in the area, this book is of great interest to researchers working in the sleep field and to anyone interested in one of the most mysterious phenomena in science – why we sleep and why we cannot survive without it.

Key Features

  • Reviews the neurobiological and cellular mechanisms of the sleep-wake cycle
  • Provides the implications of sleep in health and disease
  • Contrasts different techniques to study molecular mechanisms
  • Contains case studies to better illustrate points
  • Covers sleep disturbance and health problems involved in sleep
  • Includes chapters on the ontogeny of sleep as well as multiple mechanisms for sleep generation

Table of Contents

Ritchie E. Brown, VA Boston Healthcare System and Harvard Medical School, Boston, MA. USA
1. The Sleep-Wake Cycle. An Overview
Timothy A Roehrs, Sleep Disorders and Research Center of Henry Ford Health System, Detroit, MI. USA
2. Multiple experimental approaches for studying the sleep-wake cycle
Carlos Blanco-Centurión, The Medical University of South Carolina, USA
3. Phylogeny of Sleep
Patrick McNamara, VA New England Healthcare System and Boston University, Boston, MA. USA
4. Neuromolecular Mechanism for Sleep Generation
Miguel Garzón, Universidad Autonoma de Madrid. Madrid, Spain
5. Physiological Mechanism for Control of Waking
Edgar Garcia-Rill, University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences. Little Rock, AR. USA
6. Pharmacology of Sleep
Pablo Torterolo, Facultad de Medicina, Universidad de la República, Montevideo, Uruguay
7. Electrophysiological correlates of the sleep-wake cycle
Subimal Datta, University of Tennessee. Knoxville, TN. USA
8. Sleep Disturbances
Seithikurippu R. Pandi-Perumal, Somnogen Canada Inc. Toronto, ON. Canada
9. Obesity and sleep disturbances
Edward O. Bixler, Penn State University College of Medicine. Hershey, PA. USA 
10. Alcoholism and sleep
Mahesh M. Thakkar, University of Missouri. Columbia, MI. USA


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