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The Echocardiographers' Guide

The Echocardiographers' Guide
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ISBN: 9781841844893
Anul publicarii: 2006
Ediția: 1
Pagini: 208


Designed to fill the need for a practical and complete resource for all technologists and physicians performing transthoracic Doppler/echocardiographic examinations, The Echocardiographers’ Guide is the product of the author's combined fifty-four years of experience in cardiac ultrasound at university hospitals.

Highly illustrated with over 250 figures, drawings and tables, this text includes:

* a chapter on physics and instrumentation that provides an overview of those elements of each diagnostic modality that impact on image formation and acquisition
* sections on systolic and diastolic function, which present up-to-date and practical methods of evaluation and quantitation
* chapters on valvular heart disease, the cardiomyopathies and coronary artery disease that describe the structural remodeling that accompanies heart disease
* a chapter on congenital heart disease with detailed instruction on the use of an organized, segmental approach to complex congenital abnormalities.

Suitable for both the novice echocardiographer, who will benefit from the detailed and straightforward description of how to perform a transthoracic echocardiographic examination, and the experienced practitioner, who will gain valuable technical know-how, The Echocardiographers’ Guide is undoubtedly an important addition to published literature in this field.


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