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The Johns Hopkins ABX Guide: Diagnosis & Treatment of Infectious Diseases

The Johns Hopkins ABX Guide: Diagnosis & Treatment of Infectious Diseases
ISBN: 9781449625580
Anul publicarii: 2012
Ediția: 3
Pagini: 886
Preț: 115,50 lei
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The Johns Hopkins ABX Guide, Third Edition, continues to provide current, authoritative, comprehensive information on antimicrobial agents, infectious diseases, and commonly encountered pathogens in one portable volume. Written by experts at the world-renowned Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, this must-have resource features expert recommendations, clinical and diagnostic decision-making tools, and drug-to-drug interactions. Concise, thorough, and current, the Johns Hopkins ABX Guide, Third Edition, is designed for quick reference and comprehension. Information is featured in an easy-to-access format that facilitates rapid application of knowledge at the point of care. This book is divided into five sections: Diagnosis. Covers infectious disease problems with diagnostic and treatment recommendations. Pathogens. Specific information related to microbiology, diagnosis, and therapy. Management. How to handle common syndromes with advice on differential diagnosis and treatment. Anti-infective drugs. Comprehensive, yet concise, information on indications, dosing, pharmacokinetics, side effects, and drug interactions for a variety of categories, including antibacterials, antifungals, antiparasitics, antivirals, and biological agents. Vaccines. Immunization recommendations including administration and contraindications. Additional Features Include: Appendices of clinically relevant charts, tables, and algorithms. Drug-to-drug interactions tables.
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