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THE KNEE for Physiotherapists

THE KNEE for Physiotherapists
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ISBN: 9789352702671
Anul publicarii: 2019
Pagini: 126


This book is a practical guide to the diagnosis and treatment of knee conditions for physiotherapists.

Beginning with an overview of anatomy and biomechanics of the knee, the next chapter explains physical examination and evaluation.

The following chapters cover different types of disorders including soft tissue injuries, arthritic conditions, and fractures and dislocations. The final section discusses physiotherapy for post-surgical patients.

The text covers common conditions affecting knee joints, traumatic sports injuries, disorders affecting less mobile patients, and degenerative joint diseases.

Guidance on ‘dos and don’ts’ for home exercise programs is also included.

The text is further enhanced by clinical photographs and diagrams.

Key points

  • Practical guide to diagnosis and management of knee conditions for physiotherapists
  • Covers soft tissue injuries, arthritic conditions, and fractures and dislocations
  • Includes discussion on physiotherapy for post-surgical patients
  • Offers guidance on ‘dos and don’ts’ for home exercise programs


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