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The NeuroICU Board Review

The NeuroICU Board Review
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ISBN: 9781260011005
Anul publicarii: 2018
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A complete board examination review for neurocritical care – enhanced by more than 800 Q&A

The NeuroICU Board Review is a comprehensive board exam and curriculum review for the emerging specialty of neurocritical care. It delivers a through overview of neurological disease states (pathology, pathophysiology, and therapy), neurosurgery, and critical care medicine (including medical, surgical, cardiac, and cardiothoracic critical care), along with important  topics such as neuromonitoring, neurosurgical emergencies, neuropharmacology, and neurosurgical post-operative care. This powerful review also includes clinical scenarios and more than 800 questions and answers with detailed answer explanations, with accompanying images, illustrations, tables, and detailed references.

• Developed for residents and practicing physicians preparing to take certifying board exams in  Neurocritical Care, Surgical Critical Care, and Neurological Surgery
• More than 800 Q&A with detailed answer explanations
• Clinical scenarios show readers how to apply principles to real-world cases


1.       Ischemic/Hemorrhagic stroke

2.       SAH/vascular malformation

3.       Neurotrauma

4.       Seizure

5.       Neuromuscular disorders

6.       Neuro infectious diseases

7.       Toxidrome

8.       Inflammatory diseases

9.       Neuroendocrine disorders

10.   Neuro-oncology

11.   Encephalopathies

12.   Neurosurgical post-op care

13.   Neuropharmacology

14.   Neuromonitoring

15.   Neurointerventional

16.   Neurosurgical Emergencies

17.   Medical Critical Care

18.   Surgical Critical Care

19.   Cardiac Critical Care

20.   Cardiothoracic Critical Care

21.  Ethics/Professional Questions


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