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The Neurologic Diagnosis A Practical Bedside Approach

The Neurologic Diagnosis
A Practical Bedside Approach
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ISBN: 978-3-319-95950-4
Anul publicarii: 2019
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  • Focused, proven, introductory text that simplifies the method of making a neurologic diagnosis
  • Fully updated, expanded, and concisely written for medical students and residents
  • Emphasizes novel, practical approaches and techniques that can be used to establish a neuroanatomic diagnosis before formulating a differential diagnosis, and includes in-depth instructive video on performing a neurologic examination  

An introductory text that transitions into a moderately advanced, case-based analysis of neurologic disorders and diseases, this book emphasizes how to simplify the process of making a neurologic diagnosis.  Medical students and residents are often intimidated by a deluge of data, perception of anatomic complexity, extensive differential diagnoses, and often have no organized structure to follow.  Diagnostic methods of general medicine are not applicable.  Indeed, neurology is a unique specialty since it requires the intermediary step of an anatomic diagnosis prior to proffering a differential diagnosis.  Yet the required knowledge of neuroanatomy need not be profound for the student or resident who will not specialize in neurology or neurosurgery.  


The Neurologic Diagnosis: A Practical Bedside Approach, 2nd Edition is primarily directed to neurology and neurosurgery residents but it will be useful for medical and family practice residents who will discover that a great percentage of their patients have neurologic symptoms.  A one-month neurology rotation out of four years of medical school is not sufficient to make a cogent neurologic diagnosis. The aim of this concise, practical book -- which includes an in-depth video of how to perform a neurologic examination -- is to facilitate the process of establishing a neuroanatomic diagnosis followed by a rigorous analysis of symptoms and signs to reach a well-thought out differential diagnosis.  Focused and succinct, this book is an invaluable resource for making a lucid neurologic diagnosis.  


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