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The Perioperative Neurocognitive Disorders

The Perioperative Neurocognitive Disorders
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Perioperative neurocognitive disorders are the most common and least recognized complications of anesthesia and surgery in older patients. This book represents the first unified source of information on this group of disorders, serving as a practical guide on diagnosis, pathophysiology and clinical recommendations. The book introduces new nomenclature that is recognized across medical specialties, tackles issues of informed consent and screening, interprets a plethora of scientific results from both animals and patients, and suggests mitigation strategies. In order to present and discuss essential knowledge and application in clinical practice as well as highlighting areas of controversy, this important book features expert contributions from the multidisciplinary field of perioperative care and cognitive disorders. It will appeal to the entire perioperative team as well as to neurologists, geriatricians, psychologists and researchers in the field.

  • The first book of its kind covering the perioperative neurocognitive disorders
  • Introduces a new, accessible nomenclature for these disorders, allowing patients, providers and scientists to start talking the same language
  • Organizes the topics into phenotype, pathophysiology, mechanisms and mitigation to facilitate a better understanding

Table of Contents

Part I. Cognitive Function in Perioperative Care:
1. Emergence delirium: a new hypothesis for an old problem Alexander Proekt
2. Postoperative delirium Jennifer Gabbard, Frederick E. Sieber and Esther S. Oh
3. Postoperative cognitive dysfunction: an overview Jennifer Nelli, Deborah J. Culley and Gregory Crosby
4. Postoperative cognitive improvement Franchesca Arias, Kimberly T. Sibille and Catherine C. Price
5. Persistent perioperative neurocognitive disorder: does surgery accelerate dementia? Katie J. Schenning and Kirk J. Hogan
Part II. Pathophysiology of the Perioperative Neurocognitive Disorders:
6. Animal models and cognitive testing of perioperative neurocognitive disorder Maryellen F. Eckenhoff and Colm Cunningham
7. Anesthesia and neurodegeneration Phillip Vlisides and Zhongcong Xie
8. Pharmacologic (receptor-based) mechanisms of postoperative cognitive dysfunction Lauren G. Powlovich and Zhiyi Zuo
9. Surgery and the inflammatory response Azeem Alam and Daqing Ma
10. Comorbidities and prolonged cognitive decline Mervyn Maze and Xiaomei Feng
Part III. Symptomatology and Diagnosis for the Perioperative Neurocognitive Disorders:
11. Cognitive testing for perioperative neurocognitive disorder Lisbeth Evered
12. Biomarkers of postoperative cognitive dysfunction: finding the signal amidst the noise Miles Berger, S. Kendall Smith and Anver Khan
13. Neuroimaging in the perioperative neurocognitive disorders James W. Ibinson
Part IV. Clinical Recommendations and Prevention:
14. Preoperative testing to identify vulnerable subgroups Deborah J. Culley
15. Informed consent and cognitive impairment Brendan Silbert and David A. Scott
16. Perioperative neurocognitive disorder mitigation strategies Roderic G. Eckenhoff and Niccolò Terrando.


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