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The Practical Handbook of Perioperative Metabolic and Nutritional Care

The Practical Handbook of Perioperative Metabolic and Nutritional Care
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Anul publicarii: 2019
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Intended for any healthcare professional working with surgical patients, including medical students, residents, surgeons and internists, nurses, dieticians, pharmacists, and physical therapists, The Practical Handbook of Perioperative Metabolic and Nutritional Care focuses on topics from the history of surgery and metabolism, to organic response to stress. Based on clinical processes, the author explores screening, assessment, and the impact of nutritional status on outcomes, in addition to investigating nutritional requirements, including macronutrients and micronutrients. Chapters examine wound healing as well as metabolic and nutritional surgical preconditioning, including coverage of preoperative counseling, preoperative nutrition, and preoperative fasting. Physical exercise is addressed, as well as nutritional therapy in the form of oral supplements, and enteral and parenteral approaches. Additional topics explored include nutrition therapy complications and immunomodulatory nutrients, pro, pre and symbiotics, postoperative oral, enteral and parenteral nutrition, enteral access, vascular access, fluid therapy, and more. With up-to-date information, practical and cost-effective data, this resource is critical for translating theory to practice.

  • Focuses on preoperative metabolic and nutritional preparation for surgery
  • Explores processes for intra and postoperatively assessing metabolic and nutritional state to ensure patient progress
  • Contains content based on clinical process

Table of Contents

1. History of surgery, metabolism, and nutrition therapy
2. Organic response to stress
3. Nutritional status and requirements
4. Wound healing
5. Metabolic and nutritional surgical preconditioning
6. Bowel preparation
7. Rational for the use of antibiotics
8. Postoperative nutrition therapy
9. Nutrition therapy complications
10. Immunonutrition
11. Pro-, pre-, and symbiotics
12. Exercise therapy
13. Catheters
14. Fluid and electrolyte therapy
15. Acute pain management
16. Antiemetic agents and motility stimulant medications
17. Other multimodal strategies
18. Music in the perioperative period
19. The special patient
20. Interdisciplinary teams
21. Quality, safety, and performance improvement
22. Clinical and economic impact of protocols
23. Knowledge translation
24. Patient empowerment
25. Ethical considerations
26. Evidence-based Medicine in surgery


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