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The Practical Mariner's Book of Knowledge: 420 Sea-Tested Rules of Thumb for Almost Every Boating Situation

The Practical Mariner's Book of Knowledge: 420 Sea-Tested Rules of Thumb for Almost Every Boating Situation
Price: 52,50 lei
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ISBN: 9780070674752
Publishing Year: 2000
Pages: 256
Category: SAILING


This book--distilled from centuries of seafaring wisdom (and the author's 20 years of researching, clipping, and collecting)--provides quick, simple answers to most of the questions sailors and powerboaters--both novice and experienced--ask about small boats and the sea. Covered are 420 topics in alphabetical entries, which are conveniently accessed via a thoroughly cross-referenced master index. Among the topics covered are hull thickness, estimating distances, bottom paint coverage, when to hoist and lower flags, predicting weather, which colors are unlucky, rope size and strengths, anchoring rights, and making a rum punch. When greater precision is needed, it will in most cases be found in the extensive appendices.

Table of contents

Abandoning Ship; Aground; Air Pressure, on Sails and Rigging; Albatross, Superstition Concerning; Alternators; Anchors and Anchoring; Angles, Horizontal, Estimating; Atoll Passes, Current Movement in
Balanced Helm, Factors Affecting Monohull Sailboats; Ballast and Bad Luck; Ballast Ratios, Safe, for Monohulls; Barometers; Battens, Sail, Eliminating; Batteries; Beam, Proportion to Length; Bearing, Collision; Bearing, Definition of; Berths, Dimensions of; Bilge Pumps, Minimum Requirements; Binoculars; Black Box Theory, Vigor's; Blistering of Fiberglass Hulls; Blocks, Size of; Boarding Ladder, Side for; Boat, Choosing the Right One for You; Boat, Definition of; Boom, Metal, Recommended Minimum Sizes; Bosun's Chair, Safe Use of; Bottom Painting, Golden Rule; Breakers, Spilling and Plunging; Brightwork; Bulwarks, Depth of; Buoyage; Buoys, Effect of Color; Buoyancy, Center of; Buys-Ballot Law
Capsize; Carbon Monoxide, Dangers of; Carrying Capacity, Boats Under 20 Feet Overall; Castaways, Survival Rate of; Center of Effort, Position of; Center of Lateral Resistance, Position of; Chain, Strength of; Chain Locker, Estimating Size of; Chart Table, Size of; Charts; Chartwork, Best Pencil for; Circles of Position; Circling, Accidental; Circumnavigation, Definition of; Cockpit, Self-Draining; Color and Distance, Assistance in Judging; Color Blindness, Frequency Among Crew; Colors, Unlucky; Companionway Ladder, Proportions of; Compass; Coral Reefs, Navigating by Eye; Course Correction for Variation and Deviation; Crew Overboard Routine; Cruisers, Success Rate Among; Cruising, Cost of; Currents; Currents and Tidal Streams, Face-Saving Facts
Dangers, Keeping Clear of; Decks, Teak; Delivery Trips, Documentation for; Depth Sounders, Choices; Design, of New Yachts; Diesels; Dinghies; Direction, Measurement of; Displacement, Definition of; Displacement-to-Length Ration; Distance Off, Estimating by Eye; Distress Signals, Reliability of; Dock Lines, Length of; Dock Lines, Size of Splices; Dockage, Cost of
Ear Infections, from Sea Water; Echo Pilotage; Electrical Bonding; Electrical Grounding; Electrical Wiring; Engines; Exhaust Line, Pitch of
Fathom, Derivation of; Fear, Experience of; Fear, Widespread, Occurrence of; Fiberglass Construction; Fiddles, Height of; Figureheads, Derivation of; Fire; First Aid; Fishing, Definition of; Flags; Flotation, Requirements for Ballasted Hulls; Flotsam and Jetsam, Definitions of; Fog; Foresail Sheets, Fouling of; Foresails, Headsails, and Jibs; Freeboard in Sailboats, Classic Proportions of; Friday, Sailing on; Fuel; Fuel Tanks, Shape of
Gaff Mainsail, Proportions of; Gales, Frequency of; Galley, Placement of; Galley Stove, How to Gimbal; Global Positioning System (GPS), Limitations of; Green Flash, at Sunset; Griping, Causes of
Hallucinations, Occurrence of; Halyards, Types of; Hatches, Dimensions of; Headroom, Definitions of; Height of Eye, for Sextant Navigation; Hobbyhorsing, Causes of; Hooks, Shackles, and Rings, Strength of; Horsepower; Horses, Live, Provisions for; Hull Color, Best of Resale; Hull, Cost of; Hull, Steel, Resale Value of; Hurricanes; Hypothermia, Diagnosis and Treatment of
Jib Numbering and Naming System; Jib Sheet, Strain on
Keels and Keel Boats; Knots
Lateral Plane, as a Percentage of Sail Area; Latitude, Approximate; Lead, Sounding; Leaks, Emergency Actions to Take; Lee Helm, Effect of; Leeway, in Sailboats; Lifelines, Height of; Liferaft, Chances of Survival in; Light, Jumping; Lightning Protection, Principles of; Lights; Lines, Suggested Color Coding of; Lines of Position, Permissible Angles; Log, Patent, Overhauling of; Log, Ship's Official
Mainsail Slides, How to Attach; Making Fast, Correct Terms; Maneuvering; Masts; Mechanical Similitude, Law of; Miles; Motions of a Sailboat at Sea; Motorsailer, Definition of; Multihulls, Speed of; Multihulls, Stability of
Name, Attracting Bad Luck with; Name, Changing of; Navigation; Navigation Lights, Specifications for
Oars; Ocean; Ocean Voyaging, Size of Boat for; Oceangoing Sailboat, Basic Requirements for; Oil, Color of; Osmosis; Outboard Motors; Overhangs, Dangers of; Overloading, the Safety Limit
Paint; Passages and Gangways, Dimensions of; Performance, Human, Variation with Time of Day; Planing; Planking, Sizes of, for Wooden Boats; Plankton, As Survival Food; Plywood Decks, Spacing of Beams for; Porthole, Definition of; Position Determination, Frequency of; Pounds per Inch Immersion; Powerboats, Atkin's Suggestions for; Preventers, Manifold Uses of; Price, to Convert for Cruising; Price Apportionment, Yard-Built Yacht; Price per Pound, New Cruising Sailboat; Privacy, the Need for; Propellers; Pull, Maximum, by One Person; Purchase, Calculation of, in Block and Tackle
Radar; Radar Reflector, Efficiency of; Radio; Radio Direction Finder, Emergency; Range Markers, Which One to Follow; Red Right Returning; Reefing, When to Reef; Rigging; Right of Way; Rising and Dipping of Lights; Roller Furling, Reliability of; Rope; Rudders; Rule of Thumb, the Original; Rules of the Road; Rum Punch, Caribbean, Recipe for; Running Aground, First Action to Take; Running an Inlet
Sail Area; Sail Cloth, Weight of; Sailmaker's Palm, Care of; Salt, Spilled; Salvage Claims; Schooner Masts, Names of; Screws, Dimensions for Use in Wood; Sculling Notch, Dinghy; Scurvy, Incidence of; Seacocks; Seakindliness, Definition of; Seamanship, the Highest Order of; Seamanship, Where It Starts; Seasickness; Seawater; Seaworthiness, Definition of; She, As a Nautical Pronoun; Sheets, Headsail and Mainsail, Diameter of; Ships, Large, Stopping Distance of; Singlehanded Boats; Singlehanded Voyagers, Motivation of; Size, According to Age; Size, Down Below; Skid Fin, Size and Placing of; Sound Signals, When to Make Them; Sound, Speed of, in Water and Air; Soundings, Definition of; Speed; Spreaders, Angle of; Stability; Stainless Steel, Corrosion of; Staysail Stay, Movable; Stern Glands, Rate of Drip; Sun, Distance Away; Swigging
Tacking, Downwind, Advantages of; Tacking, to Windward, Increased Distance; Teak, Whether to Varnish; Tender, Ideal for Yacht; Through-Hull Fittings, Precautions; Thumb, Original Rule of; Thunder, Distance off; Thunderstorms, Most Likely Times of; Tidal Streams; Tides; Tiller, Ideal Handgrip; Time, Estimating; Time Signals for Navigation; Tonnage, Different Determinations of; Trade Goods, Suggestions for; Traffic Separation Schemes, Navigation of; Trysail, Area of; Twin-Screw Installations
Upkeep, Estimating Costs; Useless Articles on a Boat, the Three or Four Most
Varnish; Ventilation; Voices, Illusion of Hearing; Voyage, Definition of
Watches, the Seven Parts of the Day; Water, Danger of Receding; Water, Drinking; Waterplane Area; Waterspouts, Recognition of; Waves; Weather, Forecasting; Weather Helm, Benefits of; Weatherliness, Improvements in; Weight, Crew and Stores, Estimates of; Weight-Carrying Capacity; Wheel Steering, Turns from Lock to Lock; Whistling and Bad Weather; Winch, Size of; Wind; Windlass, Definition of; Winterizing, the Main Points; Wire Terminal Connectors; Wood, as a Boatbuilding Material; Wooden Spars, Filling Cracks in; Writers, Yachting, Rules for
Yacht, Definition of
Zinc, Sacrificial
Appendix: Useful Tables and Formulas


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