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The Psychology of Learning and Motivation, Volume 74

The Psychology of Learning and Motivation, Volume 74
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ISBN: 9780128245866
Anul publicarii: 2021
Pagini: 326


Table of Contents

  1. The role of working memory in long-term learning: Implications for childhood development
    Alicia Forsberg, Eryn J. Adams, and Nelson Cowan
    2. Learning to control tinnitus
    Fatima T. Husain
    3. The attentional demands of combining comprehension and production in conversation
    Suzanne Rosa Jongman
    4. More than “just a test”—Task-switching paradigms offer an early warning system for cognitive decline
    Frini Karayanidis and Montana McKewen
    5. Policy compression: An information bottleneck in action selection
    Lucy Lai and Samuel J. Gershman
    6. Limited evidence for probability matching as a strategy in probability learning tasks
    Jessica L. Montag
    7. A review of uncertainty visualization errors: Working memory as an explanatory theory
    Lace Padilla, Spencer C. Castro, and Helia Hosseinpour


The Psychology of Learning and Motivation, Volume 74, the latest release in this ongoing series, features empirical and theoretical contributions in cognitive and experimental psychology, ranging from classical and instrumental conditioning, to complex learning and problem-solving.

Key Features

  • Presents the latest information in the highly regarded Psychology of Learning and Motivation series
  • Provides an essential reference for researchers and academics in cognitive science
  • Contains information relevant to both applied concerns and basic research


Researchers and students in cognitive psychology


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