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The Trauma Manual Trauma and Acute Care Surgery

The Trauma Manual
Trauma and Acute Care Surgery
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ISBN: 9781975113049
Anul publicarii: 2019
Ediția: 5
Pagini: 1040
Categoria: SURGERY


Covering all areas of trauma, critical care, and emergency surgeryThe Trauma Manual: Trauma and Acute Care Surgery, 5th Editionbrings you fully up to date with recent changes in the field. This pocket manual is an indispensable resource for everyone on the trauma/acute care team, with practical, easy-to-read coverage of the wide range of patients seen daily with urgent presentation – whether from injury, emergency general surgical disease, or a major complication. This user-friendly manual is one that every trauma surgeon, surgical resident, surgical critical care specialist, emergency medicine physician, and emergency or trauma nurse will want to keep close at hand for daily use.
  • Up-to-date coverage of trauma, critical care, and emergency general surgery from a newly expanded group of national and international experts in the field.
  • Organized in a chronological fashion following the usual events and phases of care after injury or acute surgical illness.
  • Many new and revised chapters throughout the book, plus an entirely new section on surgical rescue and management of frequent complications.
  • Evidence-based recommendations backed by extensive clinical experience, presented in a quick-reference format for ease of use.


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