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The Wiley Handbook of Violence and Aggression

The Wiley Handbook of Violence and Aggression
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ISBN: 978-1-119-05755-0
Anul publicarii: 2017
Pagini: 1928


While numerous books address specific issues of violence and aggression, there is a clear and pressing need for a comprehensive resource that explores everything from the root causes of violence and aggression to the appropriate interventions for both individuals and society at large.

The Wiley Handbook of Violence and Aggression is a landmark three-volume resource that explores the broad scope of violence and aggression with contributions from an international panel of experts in the field. Filled with the most recent research and developments, this important text contains information on the biology of aggression and violence, developmental pathways, theoretical advances, the assessment, prevention and treatment of individuals, clinical treatments that target special populations, and a wide-range of societal interventions.

Written to meet the information needs of clinicians, researchers, and students, The Wiley Handbook of Violence and Aggression integrates all available knowledge in an authoritative and contemporary reference and resource that addresses the myriad aspects of violence and aggression.


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