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Therapeutic Exercises for Children with Developmental Disabilities

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Therapeutic Exercise for Children With Developmental Disabilities has been expanded and updated to include everything a student or professional needs to know when working with children with developmental disabilities. Continuing the emphasis on evidence-based practice from the previous editions, this comprehensive Fourth Edition enhances critical thinking and evaluation skills.

Throughout the course of the text, Drs. Barbara H. Connolly and Patricia C. Montgomery present case studies of 5 children with various developmental disabilities to bring a problem-solving approach to each individual chapter topic. The case studies include 2 two children with cerebral palsy (GMFCS Levels I and V), a child with myelomeningocele, a child with Down syndrome, and a child with developmental coordination disorder and attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder. 

Each chapter's examination, evaluation, and intervention recommendations are accompanied by specific treatment objectives and therapeutic activities, plus a companion website with 17 videos, which contains 90 minutes of content to illustrate concepts. Recent research and clinical recommendations, as well as related references, are also provided in each chapter.

This Fourth Edition utilizes the American Physical Therapy Association's Guide to Physical Therapist Practice 3. 0 and the World Health Organization's International Classification of Functioning, Disability, and Health--Children and Youth as its framework. The focus of the chapters is on children's participation and empowerment, rather than body function and structure.

Examples of new and updated topics in the Fourth Edition:
  • Practice in the NICU
  • Early mobility strategies
  • Communication strategies with children and families
  • Aquatic therapy
  • Upper extremity constraint-induced therapy
  • Mirror therapy
  • Lower extremity treadmill training

With helpful videos, informative figures, and compelling case studies, Therapeutic Exercise for Children With Developmental Disabilities, Fourth Edition is the perfect resource for both students and practicing clinicians.


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