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Therapeutic Foods

Therapeutic Foods
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Therapeutic Foods, Volume 8 in the Handbook of Food Bioengineering series, is an essential resource for anyone investigating foods that may be utilized as therapeutic agents. Plants and animal products have been utilized since ancient times as medicine to treat diseases, and the properties within foods and ingredients are still investigated for food therapy and prophylaxis. The book is a comprehensive resource for researchers and scientists already in the field or those just entering. It covers many spices, plant extracts, essential oils and vegetal mixtures that have immune-stimulatory effects and can be efficiently utilized in the treatment of infections and cancer.

Key Features

  • Presents introductory chapters for background and practical examples of therapeutic foods used in different diseases to aid in research
  • Provides scientific methods to help eliminate food spoilage and bacterial contamination in food packaging
  • Includes benefits of the applications of functional properties of food and food ingredients to benefit health and well-being

Table of Contents

Section 1: State of the art and applications
1. Nutraceuticals: myths vs. realities
  Mian Kamran Sharif and Rabia Khalid
2. The Impact of Functional food and Nutraceuticals in Health
  Shubham Singh, Meerza Abdul Razak, Supraj Raja Sangam, Buddolla Viswanath, PathanShajahan Begum, Senthilkumar Rajagopal

Section 2: Nutrition
3. Lipids as nutraceuticals: A shift in paradigm
  Sandeep Kumar, Bhoomika Sharma, Priyanka Bhadwal, Prerna Sharma and Navneet Agnihotri
4. Plant nutrition and agronomic management to obtain crops with better nutritional and nutraceutical quality
  Cabrera-De la Fuente, M., S. González-Morales, A. Juárez-Maldonado, P. Leija-Martínez, A. Benavides-Mendoza
5. Mushrooms as a source of therapeutic foods 
  Marina Soković, Jasmina Glamočlija, Ana Ćirić, Jovana Petrović, Dejan Stojković 
6. Oregano: a feed additive with functional properties
  I. Giannenas, E. Bonos, E. Christaki, P. Florou-Paneri 
7. Potential of chokeberry (aronia melanocarpa l.) as a therapeutic food
  Nada Ćujić, Nevena Kardum, Katarina Šavikin, Gordana Zdunić, Teodora Janković, Nebojša Menković 
8. Beta-Glucan as therapeutic food
  Vetvicka Vaclav, Sima Petr, Vannucci Luca
9. Nutritionally enhanced foods incorporating chia seed
  J. Rodolfo Rendón-Villalobos; Amanda Ortíz-Sánchez, Emmanuel Flores-Huicochea

Section 3: Medical impact
10. Perspective therapeutic effects of immunomodulating acidic herbal heteropolysaccharides and their complexes in functional and dietary nutrition
  Yordan Nikolaev Georgiev, Manol Hristov Ognyanov, Petko Nedyalkov Denev, Maria Georgieva Kratchanova
11. Soybeans, flaxseeds and fish oil in the treatment of renal disease
  Danijela Ristic-Medic, Marija Takic, Slavica Radjen   
12. Maca, a nutraceutical from the Andean Highlands
  Gustavo F. Gonzales, Dulce E. Alarcón-Yaquetto 
13. Phytochemical and pharmacological properties of secondary metabolites in berries
 Sandra Neli Jimenez-Garcia, Moises Alejandro Vazquez-Cruz, Lina Garcia-Mier, Luis Miguel Contreras-Medina, Ramon Gerardo Guevara-González, Juan Fernando Garcia-Trejo, Ana Angelica Feregrino-Perez

Section 4: Cancer therapy
14. Functional Foods and Chemoprevention in Cancer 
  Edwin E. Martínez Leo, Tania Villavicencio Altamirano, Maira R. Segura Campos
15. Epigenetic Nutraceuticals in Cancer Treatment
  Gordana Supic, Katarina Zeljic, Zvonko Magic


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