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Translational Bioinformatics in Healthcare and Medicine

Translational Bioinformatics in Healthcare and Medicine
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Anul publicarii: 2021
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Table of Contents

  1. Translational bioinformatics in healthcare: past, present, and future
    2. The fundamentals and potential of translational medicine in healthcare
    3. Next-generation sequencing: an expedition from workstation to clinical applications
    4. Genomics in clinical care through precision medicine and personalized treatments
    5. A review of a hybrid IoT-NG-PON system for translational bioinformatics in healthcare
    6. IoT applications in translational bioinformatics
    7. Blockchain technology in healthcare: making digital healthcare reliable, more accurate, and revolutionary
    8. Integrity promised: leveraging blockchain technology for medical image sharing
    9. From molecules to patients: the clinical applications of biologic databases and electronic health records
    10. Translational bioinformatics methods for drug discovery and drug repurposing
    11. Role of Bioinformatics in cancer research and drug development
    12. Application, functionality, and security issues of data mining techniques in healthcare informatics
    13. Viroinformatics: a modern approach to counter viral diseases through computational informatics
    14. Viroinformatics for viral diseases: tools and databases
    15. Machine learning in translational bioinformatics
    16. An enhanced feature selection and cancer classification for microarray data using relaxed Lasso and support vector machine
    17. Fuzzy rule-driven data mining framework for knowledge acquisition for expert system
    18. High accuracy in algorithm bioinformatics efficient in healthcare in detection and counting of leukocytes, blasts, and erythrocytes


Translational Bioinformatics in Healthcare and Medicine offers an overview of main principles of bioinformatics, biological databases, clinical informatics, health informatics, viroinformatics and real-case applications of translational bioinformatics in healthcare. Written by experts from both technology and clinical sides, the content brings together essential knowledge to make the best of recent advancements of the field.

The book discusses topics such as next generation sequence analysis, genomics in clinical care, IoT applications, blockchain technology, patient centered interoperability of EHR, health data mining, and translational bioinformatics methods for drug discovery and drug repurposing. In addition, it discusses the role of bioinformatics in cancer research and viroinformatics approaches to counter viral diseases through informatics. View more >

Key Features

  • Covers recent advancements in translational bioinformatics and its healthcare applications
  • Discusses integrative and multidisciplinary approaches to U-healthcare systems development and management
  • Bridges the gap among various knowledge domains in the field, integrating both technological and clinical knowledge into practical content


Graduate students and researchers on bioinformatics, medical informatics and biostatistics. Biomedical researchers in general, clinicians and healthcare professionals


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