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Treatment of Dystonia

Treatment of Dystonia
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Anul publicarii: 2018
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Our understanding of dystonia is advancing rapidly. This comprehensive reference work provides an effective guide to this challenging group of disorders, offering an overview of the current and emerging treatment options for all manifestations. Treatments for the many forms of dystonia differ substantially in pediatrics and adults - both are covered in detail in this book. Approaches include botulinum toxin therapy, deep brain stimulation, oral drug applications, rehabilitation, and behavioral and experimental therapies. Special emphasis is also given to combining different treatment modalities in order to achieve optimal effect. Treatment of Dystonia brings together peer-reviewed articles, written by experts and based on work presented at international conferences. By enabling the physician to select and combine the best therapies, it is an essential resource for neurologists, neurosurgeons and physical therapists.

  • The book is grouped around clinically relevant topics which are complete within themselves and which can be read selectively
  • Content is based on the International Congress on Treatment of Dystonia conferences, which was founded by Dirk Dressler, Eckhart Altenmüller and Joachim K. Krauss, pioneers in the treatment of dystonia
  • Text covers all of the many dystonic manifestations in all age groups

Table of Contents

Part I. Basics
Part II. Botulinum Toxin Therapy
Part III. Musicians' Dystonia
Part IV. Psychogenic Dystonia
Part V. Pediatric Dystonia
Part VI. Rehabilitation of Dystonia
Part VII. Pharmacotherapy for Dystonia
Part VIII. Surgical Treatment of Dystonia
Part IX. Deep Brain Stimulation for Dystonia
Part X. Emerging Therapies for Dystonia
Part XI. Future Trends in Dystonia Therapy.



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