Trichinella and Trichinellosis
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Trichinella and Trichinellosis

Trichinella and Trichinellosis
PRP: 840,00 lei
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ISBN: 9780128212097
Anul publicarii: 2021
Pagini: 554


Trichinella and Trichinellosis provides an up-to-date account of the nematode Trichinella spp., including infections and diseases caused by this parasite in both animals and humans. This book will fill the long gap in time during which an exhaustive monograph on this subject has been missing in the international literature. The chapters have been written by the most prolific researchers in the world on the different aspects of Trichinella and trichinellosis.

This book serves as an original resource for research on Trichinella and trichinellosis, exploring cutting-edge advances on such parasites and the infections they cause.

This book will be a valuable resource for students, biologists, epidemiologists, veterinarians, physicians, and scientists involved in the study of the parasites of the Trichinella genus and their related diseases. It will be particularly helpful for those who are beginning their research in this fascinating field. 

  • Offers a broad overview on the parasites belonging to the Trichinella genus
  • Presents recent cutting-edge advances on this zoonotic parasite, focusing on the molecular epidemiology, systematics of the parasite, clinical aspects of the diseases, and the roadmap to the control of infection in domestic pigs
  • Discusses ground-breaking approaches designed to meet the medical needs in trichinellosis


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