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Vascular Surgery A Clinical Guide to Decision Making

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ISBN: 9780128221136
Anul publicarii: 2021
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Though there are many books on the market regarding vascular surgery, none of them are devoted to young surgeons who have to make a quick decision in challenging cases, such as how to choose between using open or endo treatment.

Vascular Surgery: A Clinical Guide to Decision Making aims to provide a manual for a vascular surgeon in practice, covering background knowledge from pathogenesis and pathologic processes arise, to seeing how it applies in a clinical aspect. With contributions from experienced vascular surgeons around the world, the book underlines the tips and tricks of surgical and endovascular treatment as well as explores the pros and cons of the treatments to help readers make a decision when facing difficult cases. It concludes with updates of researches in the field and how it could be applied in a clinical aspect.

  • Presents indications, techniques, and results for various vascular surgery procedures completed with an overview about pros and cons of a treatment, allowing readers to make a quick decision when facing peculiar clinical cases
  • Adopts a translational approach, dissecting the background knowledge of vascular pathology and linking it to application in surgical techniques, along with a summary tips and tricks regarding surgical maneuvers
  • A global involvement from experienced vascular surgeons in the field, covering surgical techniques and important research from around the world, devising the future developments of the field


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