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Venous and Lymphatic Diseases

Venous and Lymphatic Diseases
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ISBN: 9780824729233
Anul publicarii: 2006
Ediția: 1
Pagini: 584
Format: Textbook, Hardcover


# Ranging from the latest advances in surgical technology to cosmetic innovations, this useful reference provides clear guidance on the clinical manifestations of venous disease
# non-invasive vascular assessment
# new and emerging pharmacological treatments
# current approaches in venous surgery and reconstruction
# treatment strategies for venous hypertension, including compression therapy
# predisposing conditions, diagnostic modalities, and treatment options for DVT

With an invaluable selection of color images, this guide authoritatively covers the identification, assessment, pathophysiology, epidemiology, and treatment of disorders affecting the venous and lymphatic anatomy. Written by experts from several fields, this source considers topics including the management of deep venous thrombosis, chronic venous insufficiency, venous trauma, and surgical and pharmacologic therapies for these conditions.


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