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Vestibular Testing Interpretation: Drill and Practice

Vestibular Testing Interpretation: Drill and Practice
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ISBN: 9781635501056
Anul publicarii: 2020
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Vestibular Testing Interpretation offers an easy-to-read and comprehensive overview of vestibular testing. Written with a trainee or junior practitioner in mind, this text couples an evidenced-based review of the most commonly employed vestibular function tests with cases from real patient encounters.

The book is divided into two sections: Section I provides an introduction and approach to vestibular testing, while Section II provides 27 clinical case vignettes. In the case of a reader who is just starting to learn about vestibular testing, the authors recommend going through part one of this book to develop a foundation of the basics of various vestibular tests and their uses. After the reader has a grasp of which test is used and why, it is recommended that the reader proceed with reviews of the patient cases. The book is designed in two sections so the background provided in the first half of the book will help inform the reader to analyze the patient cases. For practitioners who are more experienced with vestibular testing, the authors recommend consulting the first part of the book as needed for touch-up on topics. The primary utility for experienced practitioners will be to work through the patient cases as ‘drill and practice.’ The cases need not be approached in sequential order – they were designed independent to one another, so no intentional order is presented. 

Key Features

  • 27 cases derived from real patient encounters using the latest vestibular testing technologies found in modern clinical vestibular testing laboratories
  • Curated references and additional readings are highlighted throughout to enhance reader understanding of key topics
  • An overview of the approach to the vestibular patient from the perspective of testing
  • Intuitive figures and schematics to supplement the text

Introduction and Scope of the Book

About the Authors



Section I. Introduction and Approach to Vestibular Testing


Chapter 1. Overview of Vestibular Testing

Chapter 2. Putting It All Together

Chapter 3. Brief Introduction to Peripheral Vestibular Disorder Management


Section II. Clinical Case Vignettes


Chapter 4. Case 1

Chapter 5. Case 2

Chapter 6. Case 3

Chapter 7. Case 4

Chapter 8. Case 5

Chapter 9. Case 6

Chapter 10. Case 7

Chapter 11. Case 8

Chapter 12. Case 9

Chapter 13. Case 10

Chapter 14. Case 11

Chapter 15. Case 12

Chapter 16. Case 13

Chapter 17. Case 14

Chapter 18. Case 15

Chapter 19. Case 16

Chapter 20. Case 17

Chapter 21. Case 18

Chapter 22. Case 19

Chapter 23. Case 20

Chapter 24. Case 21

Chapter 25. Case 22

Chapter 26. Case 23

Chapter 27. Case 24

Chapter 28. Case 25

Chapter 29. Case 26

Chapter 30. Case 27





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