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Video Capsule Endoscopy A Reference Guide and Atlas

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ISBN: 978-3-662-44061-2
Anul publicarii: 2015
Pagini: 715, 693 color illus.
Format: with DVD. Hardcover


Comprehensive overview of the technique and performance of video capsule endoscopy
Systematic description of small bowel diseases
Huge collection of typical and rare images
Includes colon capsule endoscopy
Contributions from a large panel of experts

This book is simultaneously a superb atlas and a detailed guide to all aspects of video capsule endoscopy. History, technique, performance, reading, indications, contraindications, outcomes, complications and alternative methods are described systematically by a large panel of experts. In addition, the full range of small bowel diseases, from the common to the rare, are described and illustrated using a unique and exhaustive collection of capsule endoscopy images that are accompanied by corresponding images of enteroscopy, surgery, radiology and histology whenever possible. The newest technology of colon capsule endoscopy is included and exciting potential future developments are also considered. This book will be indispensable for all who use the technique or are considering establishing a video capsule endoscopy service.

Table of contents
Video Capsule Endoscopy.-Complementary Procedures.-Normal Small Intestine.-Diverticula.-Vascular Diseases of the Small Intestine.-Inflammatory and Systemic Diseases.-Tumors of the Smal Intestine.-Findings Outside the Small Intestine.-Postoperative and Postinterventional Changes.-Complications:Prevention and Management.-Pediatric Findings.-Influence of VCE on Clinical Outcome.-Esophageal Capsule Endoscopy.- Future Developments of Capsule Endoscopy.​


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