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Yoga Therapy A Personalized Approach for Your Active Lifestyle

Yoga Therapy A Personalized Approach for Your Active Lifestyle
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Anul publicarii: 2017
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Yoga is more popular now than ever. The benefits are recognized worldwide, and athletes and therapists rely on the practice. Yet its appeal is as varied as those who practice it. Regardless of your activity level and fitness background, yoga is truly for you.

Yoga Therapy: A Personalized Approach for Your Active Lifestyle will help you see your daily activities in a new light by giving you a new understanding of movement. Whether playing sports or exercising for fitness, you’ll recognize your movement patterns and identify the poses to make them more efficient. With detailed instructions and photos, you’ll be guided through the exercises, breathing, and visualization techniques to improve your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health.

Comprehensive and accessible, Yoga Therapy demonstrates the most effective poses for mobility, strength, recovery, and balance as well as techniques to aid relaxation and help with stress management.

Introduction: A Story of Collaboration, Innovation, and Perspective

Part I: Fundamentals of Yoga Therapy
Chapter 1: What Is Yoga Therapy?
Chapter 2: Training Movements
Chapter 3: Connecting Brain to Body
Chapter 4: Developing Focus

Part II: Foundations of Practice
Chapter 5: Basic Practices and Props
Chapter 6: Breathing and Relaxation
Chapter 7: Preventing Injury

Part III: Poses for Lifelong Fitness
Chapter 8: Intentions and Connections
Chapter 9: Spinal Movement Poses
Chapter 10: Variations on Traditional Poses
Chapter 11: Maintaining Fitness and Activity Levels


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