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Atlas of Breast Surgical Techniques A Volume in the Surgical Techniques Atlas Series

Atlas of Breast Surgical Techniques A Volume in the Surgical Techniques Atlas Series
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ISBN: 978-1-4160-4691-2
Anul publicarii: 2010
Pagini: 456


The Atlas of Breast Surgical Techniques, edited by V. Suzanne Klimberg, MD, presents state-of-the-art visual guidance on today's full range of breast surgery techniques. In this title in Drs. Townsend and Evers' new Surgical Techniques Atlas series, esteemed international contributors offer you expert step-by-step advice on a wide array of surgical procedures, including the newest ablative and reconstructive approaches, to help you expand your repertoire and hone your operative skills. Color surgical photos, biopsy specimens, and artists' renderings of key anatomy show you what to look for and how to proceed; and online access at expertconsult. com allows you to consult the book from any computer and watch surgical videos demonstrating how to execute key aspects of many procedures.
Key Features

* Includes convenient access to the full text online, with a downloadable image collection as well as operative videos that demonstrate how to perform key techniques.
* Offers step-by-step guidance on a wide range of breast surgery procedures, giving you multiple options for approaching any challenge.
* Covers the hottest topics in breast surgery, including new ablative and reconstructive procedures.
* Presents more than 550 full-color illustrations and operative photos, biopsy specimens, and artists' renderings of key anatomy, for expert visual guidance.
* Discusses clinical anatomy, pre-operative considerations, operative steps, pearls and pitfalls, and post-operative care for every procedure, providing all the guidance you need to get the best results.


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