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Encyclopedia of Biophysics

Encyclopedia of Biophysics
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This resource details a wide range of methods in biophysics, examining the value and the limitations of the information each provides. It also describes biophysical approaches to particular biological systems or problems.

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The Encyclopedia of Biophysics is envisioned both as an easily accessible source of information and as a route into the scientific literature. It consists of two parts, Techniques and Systems. In the Techniques sections, each of the wide range of methods which fall under the heading of Biophysics are explained in detail, together with the value and the limitations of the information each provides. In the Systems sections, biophysical approaches to particular biological systems or problems - from protein and nucleic acid structure to membranes, ion channels and receptors - are described. Thus the Encyclopedia is intended to provide a resource both for biophysicists interested in approaches outside their immediate sub-discipline and for people coming to biophysics from either the physical or biological direction.


Proteins Protein StructureProtein FoldingProtein DynamicsDNA and RNACarbohydratesMacromolecular complexesProtein-Protein interactionsProtein-nucleic acid interactionsMechanoenzymesMotors: myosin, kinesin &
dyneinRotary motorsMotor proteins on nucleic acidsMembrane biophysicsLipidsProteinsElectron transferIon ChannelsReceptorsTransportersBiomaterials &
BiosensorsDiffraction methodsNMRSolution state NMRSolid state NMREPRMetalloprotein EPRSpin-label EPROptical spectroscopyCircular dichroism &
related techniquesUV/visible absorption spectroscopyFluorescenceVibrational spectroscopyX-ray spectroscopySingle molecule methodsComputational BiophysicsStructure prediction &
modelingMolecular dynamics simulationComputational studies of enzyme mechanismsThermodynamicsKineticsMass spectrometryMolecular shape &
hydrodynamicsElectron microscopyLive cell &
in vivo imagingFluorescence imagingMRI &
PET imagingCell biophysics


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