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ISBN: 9780128212196
Anul publicarii: 2021
Pagini: 332
Categoria: NUTRITION


Saffron explores the properties, metabolism and health effects of saffron ingredients, along with processing issues and the industrial applications that are affected by these aspects. The book addresses the in vitro and in vivo antioxidant activities of bioactive compounds found in saffron and investigates recovery methods for the extraction of these target ingredients, as well as their encapsulation. Each of these methods aims to prevent the degradation of saffron's bioactive compounds by environmental factors and to improve their bioavailability in different applications.

The book is an excellent reference for food scientists, technologists, chemists, new product developers, researchers, academics, professionals working in the food industry, and pharmacologists, pharmacists and clinicians interested in nutrition and metabolism.

  • Analyzes the potential of already commercialized processes and products
  • Discusses metabolomics, the effect of saffron on chronic diseases, and its efficacy and safety issues
  • Investigates recovery technologies and applications in foods and nutraceutical markets

Table of Contents

1. Biochemistry and metabolism
2. Antioxidant activities of bioactive compounds and various extracts obtained from saffron
3. Extraction of bioactive compounds from saffron species
4. Emerging technologies for the recovery of bioactive compounds from saffron species
5. Encapsulation of Saffron Bioactive Compounds
6. Saffron as Natural Food Colorant and Applications
7. Use of saffron as a functional food and saffron nutraceuticals
8. Patent survey on saffron and its multiple applications: an update


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