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Telehealth Incorporating Interprofessional Practice for Healthcare Professionals in the 21st Century

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Anul publicarii: 2022
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At a time when telehealth is being used more widely than ever before, this new book from Kimberly Noel and Renee Fabus meets an urgent need for evidence around optimal telehealth training to support interprofessional practice.


This textbook will be invaluable to all healthcare professionals who would like to incorporate telehealth into interprofessional education and practice. It discusses the role of social determinants of health, health literacy and aspects of health informatics in practice, and illustrates telehealth in different healthcare professions.

Simply written and easy to follow, it takes the reader through what they need to know about telehealth, interprofessional telehealth competencies, virtual healthcare, teaching telehealth and virtual clinical examination skills. This text is suitable for students in medical school and the range of professional healthcare programs.

Key Features

  • Written in straight-forward language and easy to follow
  • Contributions from international experts
  • Showcases best practices for adoption of telehealth technology that is safe, appropriate, data-driven, equitable and team-based
  • Exercises help link theory to practice
  • Resources and clinical cases


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