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The Biomechanics of Back Pain

The Biomechanics of Back Pain
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ISBN: 9780702043130
Anul publicarii: 2012
Ediția: 3
Pagini: 336


The third edition of this popular textbook gives a clear, easy-to-read account of anatomy and physiology at all stages of pregnancy and childbirth. Each chapter covers normal physiology, changes to the physiology in pregnancy, and application to practice. The physiology of childbearing is placed within a total biological context, drawing on evolution, ecology, biochemistry and cell biology.


Established authoritative text for clinicians, lecturers, researchers and those working in the medico-legal arena
Emphasizes the latest perspectives in research and shows how it is now leading to advances in clinical methodology
Provides an overview of the best original research - including more than 350 new references - to provide researchers with the latest and most important information relating to back pain
Contains over 150 full-colour line artworks and more than 60 photographs

. Introduction

2. The vertebral column and adjacent structures

3. Muscles and fascia of the lumbar spine

4. Nerves and blood supply to the lumbar spine

5. Back pain

6. Epidemiology of back trouble

7. Biology of spinal tissues

8. Growth and ageing of the spine

9. Forces acting on the thoracolumbar spine

10. Mechanical function of the thoracolumbar spine

11. Mechanical damage to the thoracolumbar spine

12. Cervical spine biomechanics

13. Posture, creep and "functional pathology"

14. Sensorimotor control

15. Spinal degeneration

16. Preventing back pain

17. Conservative management of back pain

18. Biomechanics rationale for spinal surgery

19. Surgery for disc prolapse, spinal stenosis and back pain

20. Medico-legal considerations

21. Summary and Conclusions


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