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The Practical Guide to Clinical Research and Publication

The Practical Guide to Clinical Research and Publication
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Anul publicarii: 2021
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The Practical Guide to Clinical Research and Publication provides a comprehensive overview of the key foundations of epidemiology, statistics and epidemiological studies. This book presents the most important terms and knowledge in the field from a medical point-of-view. Sections contain numerous, clinically-oriented examples and drawings to facilitate understanding and clarify the relation to clinic and practice. The book contains many graphics and key points for easier understanding and is written using bullet points for ease of use and comprehension. It is ideal for physicians and clinical researchers who want to use it as guidance for clinical research or teaching.

  • Contains numerous, clinically-oriented examples and drawings
  • Provides an explanation of epidemiology and statistics to aid understanding of clinical research
  • Written by a physician with extensive knowledge in research

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
    2. Evidence-based medicine
    3. Epidemiology
    4. Biostatistics
    5. Planning a research study
    6. Study design
    7. Hierarchy of evidence
    8. Funding
    9. Data collection
    10. Scaling and coding
    11. Statistical tests
    12. Random and systematic errors
    13. Writing a manuscript and publication
    14. Critical literature review
    15. Checklist for quality assessment


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