Rang & Dale's Pharmacology
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Rang & Dale's Pharmacology

Rang & Dale's Pharmacology
PRP: 357,00 lei
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Preț: 299,88 lei
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ISBN: 9780323873956
Anul publicarii: 2023
Ediția: 10
Pagini: 872


Rang and Dale’s Pharmacology is internationally acknowledged as the core textbook for students of pharmacology, and has provided accessible, up-to-date information on drugs and their mechanism of action for more than 30 years.

Now in its tenth edition, it has been updated to include important new drugs such as gene therapies, personalised medicines and the new wave of RNA drugs. However it has not lost any of the elements that have contributed to its popularity, such as color coding and illustrations, making it reader-friendly while comprehensively covering the depth of detail required.

This essential book is recommended as the first-choice undergraduate text for science and medical students and junior doctors and will also be useful for students in other professional disciplines such as pharmacy, veterinary medicine and nursing.

New to this edition 


  • New chapters on drugs and the eye and the pharmacological management of headache
  • Revised information on biopharmaceuticals (including RNA drugs), antivirals (including Covid-19 therapies) as well as general principles of antimicrobial therapy.
  • A completely revised and updated chapter on lifestyle drugs
  • Recent advances in oxygen sensing and response to reduced oxygen tension
  • Expanded chapters on dementia and analgesic drugs

Key Features 

  • Comprehensive information on drug mechanisms, basic physiology and biochemistry, and underlying pathophysiology of disease – suitable for students from many disciplines
  • Clear figures to aid understanding, including data figures as well as mechanistic diagrams, 
  • Key points box summaries, clinical boxes and colour-coded chapters help to master difficult concepts
  • Emphasis on therapeutic drugs to help apply theory to practice
  • Over 150 questions and 12 clinical cases to test your knowledge
  • An enhanced eBook version is included with purchase. The eBook allows you to access all the text, figures and references, with the ability to search, customise your content, make notes and highlights, and have content read aloud



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